Not Much Longer, Poetry Lovers — Special February Poem!

Howdy, Poetry Lovers!

Though it may not seem like it, April is ALMOST here…and with comes National Poetry Month!  In celebration of this impending terrific-ness, here’s a super-extra-special poem to get you through those challenging February days and February nights. A Hafiz poem, freely rendered by Daniel Ladinsky.  Enjoy, and keep poetry in your heart every day!


You can return to Springtime whenever you want.

And your greatest pleasures, don’t let their
memory ever fade; let them be as they should, a
genuine guide and friend,

over there to take you back again to what made
you happy once–or brought you deeper into the Heart.

Wanting to be other than where you are–who
cursed you like that? Break that spell.

Wherever you may wind up after your body is
buried, cremated, left at the Tower of Silence,or set floating down the Ganges,

anywhere your soul might someday call home,
come to your senses–you carry that inside now,
so don’t look shortchanged.

Things can only appear dismal until that one eye
opens and the sacred flame makes you squint.

You can return to the Divine Season at a flex
of your will’s might, and be the luminous sphere
in the sky, raining on us, as it does.

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